Who is MOST?

kaori Pi,  
art director


Kaori was born and raised as a third culture kid in Vancouver Canada. Having an international family base, she has lived and studied in England, Japan, Spain, France and Belgium and has settled in the Netherlands in 2012. Almost all her skills have been due to self-motivated training and dedication in intense and highly chaotic work environments, demanding discipline, precision and timely consistent results.

Through the structure and high standards, Kaori searches for the soul of an idea or a business and distills and transforms it into something pure and undeniable. She creates with heart and is a natural innovator.

Kaori offers a well rounded professional perspective, and often works from a non-conventional way due to her creative and multi-disciplined approach. She sets a high standard for the teams she leads and strives to challenge the impossible. Her main talents come from her ability to see and recognize complex patterns in the design and business world, and whether it is in numbers or colors, she likes to make them dance.

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